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  Building Components

   No expenses are spared when components are selected for AMKO Buildings. We use the very best and the "top of the line" products coming from suppliers who stand behind them.
  As newer and better products become available we will certainly go to them as always; however, they must pass our rigid requirements.


  The AMKO building units are started off with unsurpassed strength by using heavy H-Beam "straight leg" engineered steel trusses set 10 or 12 feet on center as the building length dictates. All trusses are engineered and designed to Northern Building Codes and fabricated for us by one of the largest steel plants in the mid-west. Six or eight inch "C Channel" endwall legs complete the steel backbone of the AMKO metal building.



  Roofing, Siding and Trim:

  As with all building components, we use the best available. Our roofing, siding and trim is provided by Paramount Metals, a large, national company  with a local mid-west outlet right here in Northwest Arkansas for our convenience and immediate service. We use their Smart Rib Plus design roofing and siding, fastened with colored screws. They offer a large assortment of colors and are backed by the best guarantee (40 YEARS) and service in the industry.



< ---   Try out various color selections using Paramount Metals' Color Selector program.


   Of all our quality building components, this seems to be the first one mentioned by our many owners. We use only Dow Chemical manufactured "Thermax" in our buildings. Thermax is a "one hour fire rated", extruded 4' X 21'6" sheet and has metal facing to the outside with a white interior surface. All joints on the Thermax are taped carefully before the Best Panel™ metal is applied and fastened through the Thermax into the interior 2" lumber with weather-sealed screws.

   There is absolutely no air infiltration into the AMKO building, and the insulation is the very best in the industry, hands down!



   We use only number two (or better) graded lumber and still check it on the job site to ensure that it meets our rigid standards. Roof purlins and side girts are all 24" on center and fastened to the engineered steel truss clips with screws. 2 X 6 endwall studs and steel endwall legs are set per building design. Treated 2 inch lumber is used at all lower locations.



   Entry Doors and Windows:

   We use "northern-designed" and manufactured windows and doors from PLYCO Corp. in Wisconsin. Our entry doors are the well-known Model "88" heavy-duty steel, in a variety of sizes and window configurations.

  Our windows are the Model M-3025 dual thermal units in a variety of sizes and configurations.

  The all-weather quality of PLYCO's "northern-designed" doors and windows suits our needs best and completes the excellent insulating qualities of our AMKO Buildings.




   Overhead Doors:

   All overhead doors in our AMKO Buildings are steel commercial-grade models 224 and 240  Windsor Republic Doors, and are installed/serviced for us by Fayetteville Door Company. The quality is unsurpassed and the service after the sale is excellent.

  Worth mentioning is the fact that due to the all-open overhead design of the AMKO steel truss building, a greater variety of door sizes and locations become available to you.

  Additionally, we offer "follow-the-roof"overhead door rails that allow more overhead room. CLICK HERE for an example.



   Building Accessories:

   Numerous amenities such as wainscottings, roof overhangs with soffet, roof cupolas, window shutters, clear-span roof shed to 12 feet wide, door porches, etc., are available.

   Your imagination is virtually the guide. The appearance of the AMKO quality buildings takes second seat to no others!




   Concrete Floors and Stemwalls:

   Our building crews can install virtually any type of concrete needs. In busy times we rail the site, make ready, and hire it "poured and finished" by one of the two local finishers we trust.  Various finishes are available, including "broom finish" for horse barn installations, etc.





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