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Shop Buildings:  


            We have had several occasions to erect "shop" type metal buildings in Arkansas for various purposes: 

        tractor sales, furniture manufacture and repair, upholstery, antique & street rod car hobbies,

         auto repair, sheet rock & insulation sales/service, semi truck repair shop, retail outlets, etc.


              As with all types of our buildings, no two are exactly alike.

                 All are designed to fit each owner's needs.

                Area includes NW Arkansas; Siloam Springs through the River Valley; SW Missouri, SE Oklahoma, and edge of Kansas.














               Dr. Tubb Shop 40 X 40 X 12




          Pistole 40 X 30 X 10     Cleaveland 30 X 40 X 11

Parsons 40 X 60 X 14     Cottrell 36 X 30 X 12     Heath 24 X 36 X 10, shown with house    Hammond 60 X 60 X 12 shop building. AMKO metal buildings  

Neidecker 42x62x12 Steel Home/Shop building. AMKO metal buildings     Laird 40X50X16 AMKO steel truss wood frame building, NW Arkansas.      Arkansas Automatic Door 50 X 100 X 12 AMKO Steel Truss Wood Frame building by Myrick Construction, Inc. NW Arkansas     Ritter 50 X 60 X 16 shop building. NW Arkansas AMKO metal buildings

Etchison 30 X 40 X 12  metal shop building. AMKO metal buildings     Byerley Shop 30x40x14 SteelTruss  AMKO metal building in NW Arkansas      Long 40 x 60 x 14 Steel Truss shop building. AMKO metal buildings     Wichert 26 x 28 x 12 steel truss metal building AMKO quality metal buildings               wwwAMKOBLDGScom

Easley 40X60X16 Steel-Truss Shop AMKO Buildings     Hein 32X36X10 Post-Frame AMKO metal building in NW Arkansas      Foster 24 X 30 X 10 AMKO Post-Frame AMKO metal building in NW Arkansas      Nowak 30 X 30 X 10 AMKO Post-Frame AMKO metal building in NW Arkansas 

 S Pianalto 24 X 36 X 12     Nipp32X40X12     



Metal Steel Shop Builders in NW Arkansas.

Including Siloam Springs area metal buildings, steel truss wood frame buildings, post-frame pole barns. Myrick Construction, Inc.

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