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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

 1. How do you price your metal buildings?

     By hand.

     Each building project is unique because we custom make each structure to fit your exact needs. We do not use "kits" or package buildings.
Our pricing for each individual project is determined by what it will cost us to build the structure and where it is located.

2. Do you price your buildings by square feet?

     No. We hand figure each quote individually, basing the price on precisely what it costs us to build the structure and where it is located.

3. Can you give me a ballpark estimate? I want to be certain I can afford one before I ask you to compute an exact price.

     We receive lots of requests for ballpark estimates. The actual price can vary considerably from project to project because we do not use cookie-cutter
 pre-fabricated building kits like some other companies in the region. Every AMKO metal building is crafted from scratch per the customer's exact requests and needs, not
from a list of ready-made packages or building plans. Because each is unique, we simply have no efficient way of fairly guessing the final price.

     Having said that, please allow us to give you some idea of where our costs typically run on various buildings. Concrete costs will not be included in these examples.
The least costly style is an AMKO "Post Frame" type, known elsewhere as a pole barn style. They may run anywhere from $15.00 / sq. ft. to within the low twenties.

     Our most popular "Steel Truss/Wood Frame" style engineered building is the very top of the line and is unequalled anywhere. You may prove this to yourself by visiting our many proud AMKO building owners or by coming to tour our model building and office in Pea Ridge.  This style is used for everything from simple storage units to high quality residential structures, commercial buildings, and motels. Our cost may run from the high teens to close to $25.00 / sq. ft. (dried-in on the outside, with no interior work at that point).

    We also offer a "Stud Wall/Wood Truss" building for a more cost-efficient residential type unit (single story only with this style). The top of the line in this style runs around $20.00 / sq. ft. or less. Keep in mind it is still very high quality and with complete engineering.

4. How much of the building project do you (Myrick Construction) complete?

     We build the outside completely finished in and can do some work inside such as room framing, second story floor, stairs, etc.
We do not do interior work, but can refer you to excellent craftsmen in our area for plumbing, interior carpentry, electrical, dirt work, landscaping, and heating/air.
We work with them to help ensure quality.
They can bid their portion of the work directly to you and be paid directly by you. That way you save money by not paying middle-man costs.

Because our AMKO quality buildings are customized and uniquely formed we want to maintain a hands-on, supervisory quality control over the work as it goes up, for your peace of mind.

5. I don't know anyone who does dirt work, concrete work, etc. Can you recommend some ethical contractors in the area?

     We have on file and maintain close working relations with several fine contractors in the area who work with us on various stages, if needed.
They are each familiar with the exact precision and unique nuances that are required to guarantee the quality and reliability of your AMKO building.
Site work, septic systems, concrete work, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC services are available. We do not act as a general contractor (a general contractor usually charges you a percentage for providing sub-contractors); rather, we work with each provider, and you pay them directly to save "middle man" costs.  It's a nice feature.

6. I'd like to live in a metal building.  What are the real advantages over conventional residential construction?

     We receive lots of requests for residential steel buildings, and for good reason. Each is maintenance-free, strong, simple to heat and cool (due to excellent Thermax insulation and how it is installed - a trade secret that makes ALL of the difference). The real advantage to this style of residence is not the cost, but the speed of construction and amazing, energy-efficient insulative properties.

7. What is the speed of construction? How quickly can an AMKO building go up?

     Once your slab floor is finished, a standard AMKO shop building can be dried-in in as few as three days. Various factors may extend the time, such as inclement weather, size and complexity of the project, location, and unforeseen circumstances.  Residential structures have, for example, been dried-in, ready for electrical and dry wall, in as few as three to four weeks. Compared to the lengthy wait for traditional residential construction, it's easy to see why live-in metal buildings are the coming thing in modern home design.

8. What about Financing ?

     We do not offer financing, although we have referred interested customers to Farm Credit of Western Arkansas

 9. What makes an AMKO quality metal building worth the price?

     The AMKO engineered building, whether it be in the style of steel truss/wood frame, post-frame, or stud wall/wood truss, is of the highest quality available,
created and erected from scratch by expert craftsmen, using the finest materials we can source. No two are the same. We never purchase building "kits", as kit structures
are unreliable and often leak. We demand the best, and it shows. Naturally, our price reflects this finer quality.

     There are plenty of steel buildings to be had in our general area; some for every budget.
An AMKO quality metal building represents the best of the best.
We use the very best materials we can find. Our building crew has been with us for over twenty-two years and is unequalled in detailed, precision workmanship -- and is paid accordingly.
Our crew is insured and bonded, for your protection and peace of mind.  

    Your AMKO building will be strong, reliable, maintenance-free, and beautiful for decades to come.
The steel trusses that create the backbone of the AMKO steel truss/wood frame style building are hand crafted from scratch at a Northern Amish community in Missouri; engineered for heavy northern snow and wind loads. The finest available anywhere.

    The 40-year guaranteed sheet metal that envelopes your AMKO building comes from Paramont Metal in Tontitown. They are the finest suppliers of excellent prepared steel.
In fact, many of the other steel suppliers get their bulk sheet metal coils from Paramount. We go direct to source to obtain the very best, just for you.

    Imagine the icy blast of hard Wisconsin wintery wind, whistling across the frosty terrain for miles.
It takes a rugged, long-lasting, American-made window or door to withstand such harsh, punishing climate!
That's why we are thrilled to feature Plyco windows and doors in your AMKO building. Built to last, with beauty and strength.
If PLYCO products can handle the unforgiving sub-zero weather of the north, imagine the reliability and comfort they will provide you, for decades to come.

   Then there are the trade secret innovations that have emerged from decades of actual construction craftsmanship.
Many of the exclusive features and specialized components we use are manufactured just for the AMKO brand building.
From decorative, functional cupolas and baseguard trim to angular, specially-broken trim metals made just to fit our exacting, uncommon design.
Don't simply shop prices. Go and look at buildings.

   Anyone can buy a cheaper hamburger.
   But, then you have to eat it.

   When quality absolutely counts, think about an AMKO quality metal building.
    American Built with pride  -- and, it shows.


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